Apple Exploring Health Features For AirPods To Help Take Temperature, Monitor Posture – Report

Apple Exploring Health Features For AirPods To Help Take Temperature, Monitor Posture - Report

According to reports, Apple is considering adding health-related functions to its AirPods. Earphones could potentially measure body temperature, track posture, and enhance hearing.

The Wall Street Journal claims that it is unclear whether this new feature will be significantly different from AirPods’ existing “Conversation Boost” function.

Reportedly, these features “aren’t expected by next year and might never be rolled out to consumers or the timing could change.”

To put it another way, it seems more like the iPhone maker is just curious about these new health features than it is actively working to integrate them with products set to launch in the next year or so.

Apple would be wise to incorporate these sensors. The health and fitness features of the company’s products have become an increasingly prominent selling point, although the Apple Watch has received the lion’s share of this promotion so far.

Last month, it was reported that the company was considering including a number of sensors in the wearable device in order to track things like blood pressure, temperature, sleep quality, oxygen levels in the blood, and blood sugar levels.

However, incorporating health features into commercial products is challenging work, largely due to the high bar of medical regulatory standards that must be met. The result is inevitable waiting time.

It was speculated in June that the next Apple Watch would include temperature monitoring, but the feature wasn’t present in the Apple Watch 7 that was released in September.

However, many posture devices are now available that use digital sensors to alert wearers when they are slouching, just as it is common practice to take a person’s temperature from their ear.

Despite the fact that the Food and Drug Administration has not yet cleared AirPods for use as a hearing aid, Apple has already demonstrated an interest in exploring this potential application.

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