Analyzing Aptos, the Most Promising Layer 1 Blockchain Network

Aptos. With the repercussions from the merge being so chaotic, we need to discuss the various “Ethereum killers” that are gaining traction. At this writing, the price of ether has fallen to $1455. It’s a panic among investors. In the middle of this uncertainty, Bitcoin’s value has been declining, prompting traders to dump their holdings and further reduce prices.

BTC and ETH fans are experiencing an extremely worrying and even frightening time, but the crypto business sees a fantastic opportunity with numerous startups suddenly coming into the forefront.

Why should we worry about Aptos, and what is it?

Many blockchain solution developers often neglect scalability in favor of throughput that is sufficient to wow end users, which is a major problem. Unfortunately, the loss of trust from users typically nullifies the benefits of this method. Meaning, we need safe solutions that would give new blockchain projects the appropriate protections.

Aptos, a Diem-based layer 1 network, will prioritize the construction of a fully secure network. This is an excellent focal point, contrary to the beliefs of some crypto fans. In contrast to networks like Solana, which prioritize throughput improvement at the expense of safety by employing techniques that introduce crucial flaws, Aptos will instead prioritize controlled development and delivering safety.

Over $350 million was raised in a highly successful series A fundraising round, paving the way for the next phase of development. Aptos’s developers make an audacious claim that their approach will speed up the deployment of decentralized apps and provide unprecedented scalability without compromising on security, and this may be enough to win over some investors.

Aptos has the potential to completely overtake Ethereum and leave it in the dust if its technological parameters attain its goals of 10,000 TPS and unbreakable security would be reached.

In other words, Ethereum’s success is not a guarantee of the future.

Ethereum is seen by many crypto enthusiasts as the catalyst that would finally persuade the world that cryptocurrencies are superior to cash in terms of utility and adaptability. However, when these benefits come at the expense of decreased safety, conventional investors may think twice before going all in. To fix this problem, Aptos appears to be the best option.

Orizu Augustine
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