The Argentine Football Association has officially been announced as a new sponsor of BC.GAME

The Argentine Football Association has officially been announced as a new sponsor of BC.GAME.

A global sponsorship deal has been reached between the Argentine Football Association and BC.GAME, the platform that was named the best crypto casino of 2022.

BC.GAME will cheer on the Argentine team as they compete in the upcoming months and at the World Cup in Qatar. That more than 25 different brands are already a part of the National Teams platform is a testament to the success of this new sponsorship deal.

This agreement further demonstrates the growth and international reach of the AFA brand, which has attracted a wide range of new consumers and generated revenue in a number of different areas.

The next six months will be spent in tandem between AFA and BC.GAME.

President of AFA Claudio Fabian Tapia said, “We are very happy to present this new agreement with BC.GAME. The AFA is always on the lookout for new ways to take advantage of technological developments that will improve the fan experience for our National Team. We can now develop new digital products under the terms of this agreement and tap into a previously untapped revenue source. As a new business partner, BC.GAME is warmly welcomed to our Association.

Argentine Football Association has proven to be one of the most intuitive organizations on the planet,” said Chris Butler, Chief Operating Officer, BC.GAME. We at BC.GAME were ecstatic to learn that the AFA’s plans to form partnerships with the leading companies in the blockchain industry dovetailed beautifully with many of our own long-term goals.

Our future plans include introducing revenue streams that are beneficial to both parties and providing unrestricted access to the BC.GAME Casino and social channels, where a large number of gamers, punters, and football fans congregate. We at BC.GAME are incredibly grateful for this honor, but we also recognize the responsibility that comes with it.

AFA’s Chief Commercial Marketing Officer, Leandro Petersen, remarked, “BC.GAME is at the forefront of this new virtual betting category. The platform is innovative because it combines virtual currencies with a lively gambling environment. The world’s Argentine National Team supporters will have a better opportunity to interact with their favorite players. We’re thrilled by the prospects of this sponsorship and can’t wait for the World Cup to start.

It is critical that the Associations continue to find innovative ways to bring in money, and that strategic sponsorships be expanded to further spread the AFA name around the globe. Those concerns are addressed in this agreement with BC.GAME. Together, AFA and our team of more than 25 brands are bringing the National Teams project to life, and we plan to expand into even more markets in the future.


BC.GAME is a community-based cryptocurrency gambling platform dedicated to providing its users with the best possible digital gambling services. BC.GAME, which debuted in 2017, is one of the earliest casinos to support lightning network, which is revolutionizing not only the gambling industry but also the blockchain sector.

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