BitBoy Crypto, a popular YouTuber who specializes in crypto, sues Atozy for defamation

BitBoy Crypto, a popular YouTuber who specializes in crypto, sues Atozy for defamation.

Two prominent YouTube creators plan to sue over a video that appeared to support a cryptocurrency project but was actually a scam. Ben Armstrong’s Bitboy Crypto is a YouTube channel where he posts a wide range of videos covering topics like cryptocurrency news, tokens, projects, and trading advice. The channel has been live and attracting 1.4M viewers since 2018.

The channel’s primary focus is on cryptocurrency trading and news content. The channel’s disclaimer states that the owner is not a professional advisor in the areas of commodities and securities trading, taxation, finance, or cryptocurrency, despite the fact that the videos appear to offer such advice. According to the channel’s description, it’s meant to provide details that are too specific to be useful to the average viewer.

Bitboy has taken a lot of heat in the past from the greater crypto community for allegedly misleading its viewers about various projects and tokens. Armstrong has made numerous arguments refuting this claim. BitBoy Armstrong felt compelled to pursue legal action after an incident involving comments posted on behalf of another YouTuber on one of his videos.

Atozy, a YouTuber, accuses Bitboy of trying to trick his audience.

Erling Mengshoel Jr., aka Atozy (the name of his channel on YouTube), came across a video on Bitboy’s channel promoting a project called Pamp network in the year 2020. There were allegations of a rug-pull on the part of the founders, and as a result, the respective project failed and the investors lost their money. The token’s value fell from its all-time high of nearly $2.73 in July of 2020, as reported by CoinGecko’s data.

Atozy went back to Bitboy right when PAMP was on the decline to tell him that Armstrong had been fooling everyone with his video purporting to support the project. Bitboy’s owner, Armstrong, was the target of Atozy’s cheating accusations in a video he began filming in November of last year.

Accusing Atozy of slander, Bitboy sues him in court.

Armstrong then filed a lawsuit against Mengshoel in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia on August 12. Petitioner has claimed defamation, tortious interference with contractual relationships, and emotional distress in the filing.

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