‘Bitcoin Spawn Will Double Your BTC in 7 Days,’ says Cipher Trac’s Chief Analyst

'Bitcoin Spawn Will Double Your BTC in 7 Days,' says Cipher Trac's Chief Analyst.

According to the Chief Analyst at Cipher Trac, Bitcoin Spawn is one of the most robust venues for cross-exchange crypto-arbitrage. Bitcoin Spawn “actually duplicates your BTC in just 7 days” by “using smart contracts and neural networks.”

Inter-exchange arbitration surpassed all other strategies in 2022 for generating profits for investors during the crypto crisis, as reported by the Cipher Trac analytical organization. According to data compiled by Cipher Trac, the yield of crypto arbitration reached its highest point in the last five years in the second quarter of 2022, growing by 67% year over year.

Cipher Trace identified three primary causes for the success of arbitration:

  • severe shortage of available funds between markets as a result of the bad market;
  • arbitration’s expanding accessibility among crypto’s newbie investors;
  • creation of automated systems for settling disputes.

According to the experts at Cipher Trac, the expansion of the cryptocurrency business has been significantly influenced by the recent advancements in smart contracts and neural networks.

Cipher Trac’s Head Analyst Harry Frome

Since 2016, inter-exchange arbitration has increasingly incorporated smart contracts and neural networks, providing passive revenue to investors with minimal effort. The Bitcoin Spawn project is groundbreaking in many respects; it is the first arbitration bot to showcase the predictive power of neural networks with the lightning-fast execution of smart contracts.

One such popular fully automated arbitration bot is Bitcoin Spawn. It mixes smart contracts and neural networks to reliably generate weekly returns of 100% for Bitcoin investments with no human intervention required. Using data from 20 cryptocurrency exchanges, the bot can earn from buying and selling bitcoin (BTC) thanks to the market’s diversity and high volume.

Bitcoin Spawn, briefly:

The smart contract initiates a sell order on Exchange A and a buy order on Exchange B when the price of bitcoin on Exchange A drops below the price of bitcoin on Exchange B. Bitcoin Spawn can generate a consistent weekly return of 100% by doing thousands of such microtransactions in a matter of seconds.

Major General Harry Frome, Cipher Trac’s Top Analyst

Bitcoin Spawn has come up with a novel approach to maximize transactional profits. The bot makes use of the smart contract and the Bitcoin-ML neural network, which is protected by patent. Accurate predictions of the BTC exchange rate on other exchanges are made possible by a neural network that is trained on billions of other transactions and uses big data to examine the correlation between BTC and other cryptocurrencies.

There is no need for a human to be involved in the bot’s activities, thus the user may easily double their BTC holdings by four without having to manually monitor the market, negotiate, or devise sophisticated arbitration procedures.

Bitcoin Spawn has a three-part structure

  • Integrated weather prediction system

The Bitcoin-ML neural network forecasting system aggregates massive amounts of data from 25 cryptocurrency exchanges’ worth of transactions and applies mathematical formulae to that data to determine which trading pairings will be most profitable.

  • The Use of Recurrent Networks

RNN neural networks enhance forecasting algorithms by learning from the outcomes of past forecasts; this allows the software to learn on its own and adjust its approach dependent on the market environment. Therefore, this transaction will close at 0, but not at a negative rate, even if it becomes unprofitable due to correlation and divergence on another exchange.

  • Trader-friendly software

Bitcoin Spawn employs error-free trades thanks to fully automated AI that precisely calculates the price difference across exchanges. It employs several transactions as the basis for its analysis. This allows for the automated prediction of Bitcoin’s movement on several exchanges and in what direction. This means that a perfectly accurate forecast is within reach.

Official statement from @@@, Bitcoin Spawn’s founder and CEO:

Users of Bitcoin Spawn can make quick, risk-free gains from market swings in price. Your first Bitcoin deposit will always be worth twice as much after only 7 days.

The Bitcoin Spawn bot is ideal for making a profit from arbitration deals due to the rapid pace at which values fluctuate on the arbitration market.

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