Cardalonia and ReadyplayerMe Join Forces to Create Virtual Characters

Cardalonia and ReadyplayerMe Join Forces to Create Virtual Characters

In recent developments, a partnership between ReadyPlayerMe and the Cardano-based metaverse project known as Cardalonia was announced. The goal of the partnership is to create avatars that may be used in the Cardalonia Metaverse.

In light of this, owners of LONIA tokens will have the ability to use their ReadyPlayerMe and clan avatars in an engaging and immersive manner when traversing the metaverse.

The Presale of Land in Cardonia Will Start Soon

Recent sources indicate that Cardalonia has completed a significant achievement in recent times. Through its Telegram channel, the platform made the announcement that it would be listing its cryptocurrency on the centralized market known as P2pb2b.

Following the completion of the listing, there will be a presale of Terrania, also known as Cardalonia Lands, which will commence immediately following the completion of the snapshot of the staking vault on October 1st.

In the meanwhile, Cardalonia is a digital environment where users can own experiences on the Cardano blockchain, build new experiences, and customize existing ones. In addition, users have the opportunity to explore the metaverse platform, which will allow them to win rewards and fulfill tasks.

In addition, developers working on the platform have the ability to create assets that are interoperable with Cardalonia. After that, they are able to put them up for sale on the platform’s market in exchange for an in-game token known as LONIA.

The LONIA utility coin is the focus of the company’s design. As the system evolves, tokens will be used as a means of payment by its users.

There will always be exactly 100,000,000 LONIA tokens in circulation. Cardona has distributed half of the token to the general public.

Cardalonia, however, is the first metaverse project to have its own non-custodial staking vault. LONIA token holders can bet their coins for returns of above 20% APY (annual percentage yield).

Some users will be excluded from the presale.

In addition, the platform facilitates the development and trading of NFT assets that are compatible with the platform’s infrastructure. To take part in the October presale of Cardalonia Land, however, one must stake a minimum of 7,000 native tokens and have an additional 200 ADA.

Since this was the case, the platform suggested users acquire additional LONIA tokens. They’ll be able to take advantage of P2pb2b’s upcoming Initial Exchange Offering (IEO).

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