Cardano (ADA): Supports, Surges, & Everything Untold Amidst Upcoming Vasil Fork

Cardano (ADA) Supports, Surges, & Everything Untold Amidst Upcoming Vasil Fork

Some exciting developments have surfaced in anticipation of the Cardano Vasil on September 22. The popularity of Aada, the Cardano mainnet’s lending protocol, has increased dramatically in the weeks following its inception. According to DeFiLlama, Aada has been responsible for a $219 increase in ADA’s TVL during the past week. There was a total value locked-in rise of $360,801, reflecting a cumulative increase of 58,186,602% from its introduction.


Unexpectedly, the increase was related to more than just the decentralized borrowing and lending protocol. Decentralized exchange (DEX) ADAXPro, which operates on the ADA blockchain without a central authority, took part.

DeFi Llama, a TVL aggregator, has verified that ADAX has increased by 2564% over the previous 30 days. Because of these increases, Cardano’s TVL amounted to $79.48 million. Cardano’s total locked value didn’t increase by more than $100M as of August despite the poor performance of other cryptocurrencies.

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Meanwhile, the business behind Vasil, IOG (Input Output Global), has shared information about the platform’s readiness for the update. Input Output’s official statement on September 20 stated that more than 98% of the ADA mainnet block was in progress. The company also highlighted the readiness of decentralized applications (Dapps) on the Cardano chain.

Cardano’s on-chain measurements found it to be prepared for the Vasil hardfork’s activation. Santiment reports that the 19th and 20th of September saw a significant uptick in development work on the project. A dip in readership during this issue didn’t seem to dampen the overall excellent growth in ADA interest. The social volume peaked at $17,200 on September 20 after starting the month at $9,910.

Cardano’s 24 hour active wallets also stayed quite constant. The measure was at 57,700 as of the time this piece was written, which is roughly the number of zones probed on September 19 and 20. However, Santiment’s numbers show that the amount of Cardano in circulation has decreased during this time period, from 341.26 million to 307.42 million.

Furthermore, ADA received reinforcement from trading platforms. Based on IOG’s findings, however, only 55% of exchange liquidity was prepared for the Vasil update. On the other hand, Binance’s US branch announced that it, too, would be supporting the Vasil. That resulted in a rise to 73% in liquidity readiness. While trading volume increased by 32.67%, the price of ADA fell by 0.23% throughout the course of the day. When this was published, the average price of ADA on Coinmarketcap was $0.4466.

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