Cardano, has been ranked 26 on the list of the world’s top 600 brands, placing it ahead of Bitcoin

Cardano, has been ranked 26 on the list of the world's top 600 brands, placing it ahead of Bitcoin

There are special publications that cover global brand intimacy, and they all claim that Cardano, a blockchain developer, is at the top of their field. According to the latest survey by MBLM (a brand relations agency), Cardano has risen to the top of the cryptocurrency market and now ranks at number 26 out of roughly 600 companies.

Cardano Has More Global Brand Recognition Than Bitcoin Does

Intimacy between brands and their consumers and observers is defined as “brand intimacy” in the report. Using AI and large amounts of data, MBLM has been able to better understand how customers feel about such global powerhouses as Apple, Tesla, and Disney.

Cardano ranked first among the top ten cryptocurrencies in nineteen different sectors. After that, bitcoin occupied the 30th spot. Solana and Uniswap, two prominent crypto brands, ranked 265th and 261st, respectively. Cardano has been identified by the surveys as not just an exclusive inclusion but also the leader among the brands providing financial services within this study, which is an improvement over last year’s findings.

According to Charles Hoskinson, one of Cardano’s co-founders, the idea that everyone should be given equal opportunities to breathe in a just society was the inspiration for the platform. He elaborated that Cardano achieves this goal through decentralization and meritocracy. He thinks it’s great that the site can attract people from any culture, any country, and any background. Hoskinson disclosed that at the present time, people from well over a hundred different countries make up their ecosystem.

Customers using Cardano at the venue reacted to news that the platform had been ranked lower than industry heavyweights like Google and eBay. A buyer retweeted a comment that Cardano is among the “big boys” among cryptocurrencies, meaning that it is not just the topic of online memes.

Towards a Vasil Hard Fork Upgrade, Cardano Progresses

The report’s introspective nature highlighted the impact of the global epidemic, with data showing a 19% improvement in brand performance on the platform since before the outbreak. Cardano’s impressive performance is being seen just as the platform is preparing for a major update called the Vasil hard fork, which would reduce transaction fees and maximize throughput on the network.

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