Cardano Ranks 26 In Global Top 600 Brands Outshining Bitcoin – Report

Cardano Ranks 26 In Global Top 600 Brands Outshining Bitcoin - Report

According to one research after another on the subject of global brand intimacy, Cardano, a blockchain developer, now occupies the number one spot among cryptocurrency companies. According to the most recent assessment from MBLM (a brand relations firm), Cardano is ranked number 26 out of over 600 companies and has the best platform in the cryptocurrency sector.

BTC Outpaced by Cardano in worldwide Brand Intimacy

According to the findings, brand intimacy is the emotional connection between brands and their customers or target audience. MBLM has employed AI and big data to learn how people feel about some of the most well-known companies in the world, including Apple, Tesla, and Disney.

In the 19 industries studied, Cardano was the top cryptocurrency by a wide margin. After that, bitcoin occupied the 30th spot. Solana and Uniswap, two well-known crypto companies, ranked 265th and 261st, respectively. Cardano was found to be not merely a unique addition, but the leader among the brands providing financial services in this analysis, as compared to last year’s polls.

Charles Hoskinson, one of the creators of the Cardano platform, has said that the concept’s foundation is the belief that everyone should be afforded the same opportunities to live in a fair society. To this he stated that Cardano achieves this goal through decentralization and merit. He thinks it’s great that there doesn’t have to be a single founder, nationality, or culture to use the space. Hoskinson stated that at the present time, people from well over a hundred different countries can be found within their ecosystem.

Customers using Cardano at the venue reacted to the rise of the platform, which has surpassed market leaders like eBay and Google. A user retweeted a comment that Cardano is among the “big boys,” indicating that the cryptocurrency is more than just a source of internet memes.

Cardano Moves toward Vasil Hard Fork Upgrade

The report’s introspective analysis also highlighted the global pandemic’s impact, as it demonstrated that the platform’s brand performance had improved by up to 19% before the outbreak. In preparation for a major update known as the Vasil hard fork, which will reduce transaction fees and maximize throughput on the network, Cardano has been performing exceptionally well.

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