How to check if iPhone is Original or Fake or Refurbished

How to check if iPhone is Original or Fake or Refurbished

In this article you will learn How to check if iPhone is Original or Fake or Refurbished.
Would you wish to determine if an iPhone is authentic, counterfeit, or refurbished? If indeed the statement is true, so you will find all the information you need here. You need just obtain the Model number of your iPhone, which is located on the device itself. This is accomplished via Apple’s main website. Below are the fundamental measures you must be informed of:

1. Verify the Model Number and Serial Number of Your iPhone.

Follow the steps below to determine your iPhone’s model number.

• Navigate to “Settings -> General -> About.”

• After selecting “About,” the model number and serial number would be displayed.

Ensure that you are viewing the model identification next to the text, which will display as “MN572LL/A.” By examining the initial character, it would be easy and certain to determine whether the device is authentic, counterfeit, or reconditioned.

The first letter of the model number indicates the Apple product category. 

• M – Brand-new gadget, indicating that the device you have purchased is brand-new and authentic

• F – If the model number begins with the letter F, it indicates that the product has been refurbished.

• N – Replacement device, indicating that the recently acquired item was replaced by this type in response to a service request

• P – Individualized devices with engraved, which indicates that the product was marketed as just a customised iphones with just an inscription.

Ensure you are receiving the correct model number, and only verify it on the Apple website. It is less moment and could certainly be completed in a few minutes. If you intend to purchase an iPhone in the future days, you should verify if the device is authentic, counterfeit, or reconditioned.

2. Serial numbers can be used to verify transactions made through the Apple store’s online store.

• To begin, launch the “Settings” app on the iPhone.

• Navigate to “General” then “About

• After selecting “About,” the serial number of your iPhone will be displayed; simply double-click it to copy.

• Copy the product’s serial number

In the next step, you’ll need to visit the Apple website and type in your serial number and the right security code. • (Captcha)

How to check if iPhone is Original or Fake or Refurbished 2023

By providing the required information to Confirm apple phone is Original or Fake or Refurbished, a green checkmark will display, indicating that your handset is an authentic Apple product.

How to check if iPhone is Original or Fake or Refurbished. 2023

• A green checkmark indicates an Apple-approved device.

By conducting your own investigation, you would be able to select a trustworthy and authentic equipment based on your overall requirements. It can be quite useful if you are purchasing your first iPhone. You must be aware that the trade is rife with counterfeit iPhone devices, and you should take important precautions before going.

How to determine the validity of an iPhone based on its physical characteristics

1 Apple constantly ensures the quality of their packaging. Thus, if cheap packaging is the first indicator of a counterfeit iPhone.

2 Check the screws and buttons. Apple solely makes use of pentalobe screws.

3 There is no additional card slot on genuine iPhones. Specifically MicroSD card slots

4 Examine the iOS. If the iPhone contained a different system, it was a fake.

5 Test the functionality of Siri by pressing the Home button.

6 If the device cannot be identified by iTunes, it may be a fake.

7 Verify that native or built-in iOs applications are present on your iPhone.

Still, if you feel that it is not authentic, you should visit your local Apple Store or service center. They will conduct screening procedures and authenticate them.

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