Craig Wright Apparently Stomped on His Hard Drive on Purpose to Erase Original Keys

Craig Wright Apparently Stomped on His Hard Drive on Purpose to Erase Original Keys

The court case between Hodlonaut (real name: Magnus Granath) and Craig Wright (who calls himself the “benevolent inventor of Bitcoin”) continues to defy credulity. While we wait for the results of a third-party examination of documents to confirm Mr. Wright’s identification, the defendant has resorted to ridiculous measures.

A detailed account of Craig Wright’s life

An unidentified creator named Satoshi Nakamoto published a white paper that explained how the Bitcoin network could be used to fight the “criminal” banking and monetary system. After the white paper and network deployment, the creator suddenly went silent, with his last communication appearing in 2011.

After waiting for a while, Craig Wright began saying he was Satoshi Nakamoto. Many people in the community were dubious after hearing his announcement and demanded that he prove his identity in public using cryptographic keys. Craig Wright only did this in Gavin Andresen’s presence; Andresen was originally persuaded, but then changed his mind about supporting Mr. Wright in court.

The initial declaration from Wright’s legal team at the ongoing court session in Norway was a very poor one, explaining that Wright will not utilize his cryptographic keys due to psychological trauma incurred from having to establish his identity. In response, the Hodlonaut’s lawyers said that the company had an independent audit performed by KPMG, one of the world’s largest auditing firms.

Wright has made a very strange defense case in his most recent courtroom address. Mr. Wright claims that he is unable to use cryptographic keys since they were kept on a hard disk that he crushed on purpose so that he would never be coerced by bad actors into doing something he does not want to do.

Each of us is anticipating the big finish.

The legal battle between Craig Wright and Magnus Granath appears to be the only way to terminate this soap opera. There will be no giving up on any side, and the truth will be revealed.

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