The three cryptocurrencies of Big Eyes Coin, Ethereum, and Apecoin will all see significant growth in 2022

The three cryptocurrencies of Big Eyes Coin, Ethereum, and Apecoin will all see significant growth in 2022

Many in the cryptocurrency community acknowledge that the business has seen better days since its current prominence, but it hasn’t dampened their optimism. Despite the market’s dismal trend, there are others who insist the industry will eventually recover. Keeping this in mind, three new coins have emerged: Ethereum (ETH), Apecoin (APE), and Big Eyes Coin (BIG), all of which are designed to provide their holders with the greatest possible gains when the market recovers.

Investing in cryptocurrencies is one of the quickest ways to gain money, and nobody likes missing out. People’s indifference to crypto means they miss out on opportunities to profit from the industry’s rapid development.

Get Some Big Coins With Big Eyes

The cryptocurrency market is anticipated to emerge from its current trough just as it has in the past. Several coins have dropped to absurdly low prices, suggesting that the innovative sector may have hit bottom. There will be market upswings, and digital currencies will recover and set new records, as history has often proved.

Three tokens that are making headlines on various cryptocurrency news sites are Ethereum (ETH), Apecoin (APE), and Big Eyes Coin (BIG). Let’s analyze the motivation behind these coins and the strategies they employ to achieve massive growth.

Ethereum (ETH) will challenge established markets.

Ethereum (ETH) has a coin market capitalization of $200 billion, making it the second most valuable cryptocurrency. It’s easy to see why this coin is considered the best alternative cryptocurrency. Ethereum’s (ETH) price has increased over time, greatly benefiting its investors by adding nearly three times the initial value to their portfolios. For the year 2022, Ethereum (ETH) has big aspirations. The Ethereum (ETH) network has decided to abandon the PoW system in favor of the more decentralized and efficient PoS system.

Ethereum’s (ETH) strategy will almost certainly make the cryptocurrency more appealing to investors and entrepreneurs in the blockchain sector. Once the transition is complete next month, Ethereum’s (ETH) position as the most widely used blockchain will be cemented. Many decentralized contracts will migrate to the new Ethereum (ETH) network as a result of the move.

Competitors of Ethereum (ETH) like Solana (SOL) and Cardano (ADA) will face significant challenges once the transition is finalized. Both networks operate on the proof of stake protocol and likely face tougher competition from Ethereum in the future (ETH). Instead of miners, validators will play a crucial role in boosting Ethereum’s security (ETH). The network determines the time that the validators will generate the block.

Through pool staking and the influence of other members, investors have the opportunity to become Ethereum (ETH) validators. To be eligible, the stake pool must generate at least 32 ETH, though staking more increases your chances of being chosen by the network.

Should you invest in Ethereum (ETH) now? Definitely. Ethereum’s (ETH) dominance in the cryptocurrency market will only grow once the network transitions to Proof of Stake. Furthermore, it will boost the value of the token by increasing the popularity of the Ethereum network. Sharding, which will be implemented by Ethereum (ETH), will improve network performance, transaction times, and hosting costs.

The next cryptocurrency bull run could be a good time to buy ApeCoin (APE).

One of the most important meme coins in the crypto ecosystem, ApeCoin, has been hit hard by the recent negative run in the cryptocurrency market. The coin has proven its durability over time, leading many in the crypto community and among crypto aficionados to predict that it will stage a comeback during the next bull market.

Cryptocurrency experts and the ApeCoin (APE) community put their faith in the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) community and its NFT brand thanks to the tokens they have created. The combination yields new and improved items that go much beyond the original meme coin concept. The Bored Ape Yacht Club’s foundational token is the ApeCoin (APE).

ApeCoin (APE) investors cheered as the value of the meme coin skyrocketed to a record $26.90 in December of last year. ApeCoin (APE) was utilized for a wide variety of NFT deals, P2E games, and coin exchanges. For the time being, ApeCoin (APE) token is trading at a significant discount to its all-time high. However, a recovery is anticipated, and the price is projected to recover to, if not exceed, its prior high.

Fans have more faith in the meme coin because of the token’s unique features and applications. Its latest ApeCoin DAO initiative is one example; it uses web 3.0 concepts to facilitate the metaverse. You can earn ApeCoin (APE) by playing NFT games or buying select NFTs from the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). The coin has the support of the well-known fashion house Gucci and can be used as a form of payment there and elsewhere.

With these conditions met, the next NFT and cryptocurrency market bull run may be extremely favorable to coin holders.

Big Eyes Coin’s originality is to the advantage of its owners.

Meme coins everywhere aspire to make it big, enrich their investors, and enhance the cryptocurrency industry as a whole. Big Eyes (BIG) Coin contains mechanisms to ensure that this happens for those who want it to. Big Eyes (BIG) Coin is an innovative cryptocurrency that incorporates lessons learnt from other meme tokens to create a platform that can be used for everything from DeFi to NFTs. Big Eyes (BIG) is a one-of-a-kind endeavor planned to better the lives of locals, safeguard the sea, and inject wealth into the De-Fi system. There are now more people invested in the initiative because of the attention and appreciation it has received. There has been a total of $1,049,313.69 collected during the presale as of this writing.

Coined “BIG,” Big Eyes aims to serve both the NFT and decentralized financial markets. In terms of funding, these two areas brought in $40 billion and $230 billion, respectively. Big Eye’s (BIG) plan is to gain attention and investment from the NFT industry with its ocean conservation approach.

Get Some Big Coins With Big Eyes

Big Eyes (BIG) did not rest on its laurels; it possesses additional strategies that contribute to its success. Big Eyes (BIG) also has plans to create a free, distributed system. Transaction costs are non-existent in a cost-free ecosystem. Members of the community can exchange tokens freely without incurring any additional costs. Only when an NFT is sold will fees be incurred, and these expenses will be allocated as follows: 4% to the original owner, 5% to BIG token holders, and 1% to charity. This is good news for the coin’s NFT marketplace. The total number of available Big Eyes (BIG) Coins is 200 billion. The ocean conservation organization will receive 5 percent of the 200 billion tokens, while the remaining 70 billion will be distributed to the public. The Big Eyes (BIG) Coin is debuting on Uniswap (UNI).

Obtaining Big Eyes (BIG) Coin

The process of purchasing Big Eyes Coin is simple. The first thing you need to do is acquire a cryptocurrency wallet, such as Trust or Metamask. Trust wallet is superior on mobile devices, while Metamask is more suitable for computers. To proceed to step 3, select the “connect wallet” or “wallet connect” option.

There would be three choices available through the “link wallet option”

  • Buy Ethereum (ETH) with a card
  • Buy Big Eyes Coin with Ethereum (ETH)
  • Buy Big Eyes Coin with USDT

Those without access to ETH or USDT can use the first option. BIG tokens can be purchased in increments of 1,000. When purchasing ETH or USDT, prices above $15 are optimal. Prior to making a purchase of USDT, the buyer must verify both the USDT contract and the transaction amount.

After the presale ends, the BIG token balance in your wallet will represent the amount of ETH or USDT used to make the purchase. Visit the Big Eyes(BIG) website in order to retrieve your token.

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