Among the crypto world, MEXC is the next big thing

Among the crypto world, MEXC is the next big thing.

The CEO of MEXC Global lives by the motto “Users first, Service foremost,” which is a great philosophy. We haven’t seen anything like MEXC’s new Zero Maker Fee policy, which it has implemented across all spot pairs, so it’s nice to see that they’re making this a central tenet of their business model.

Since its inception in 2018, this market has provided numerous customers from all over the world with access to a comprehensive suite of brokerage services. From the beginning, the platform prioritized its users by designing and releasing products that appeal to a wide range of people. MEXC offers various automated trading solutions, such as copy-trading, a large spot market, and a variety of derivatives for speculative trading, such as perpetual futures.

A growing selection of financial offerings is a plus, but one recent change has the potential to make this company a mecca for investors and traders around the world. The company has eliminated the Maker Fee for ALL featured pairs on the spot trading section of their platform. Despite widespread belief, we must point out that not all markets adopt such policies.

Only trading pairs involving Binance’s native pegged token, BUSD, are eligible for Binance’s Zero Maker Fee. There are multiple ByBit pairs that do not incur maker fees. Several other businesses provide essentially the same services, but they all have important restrictions. In contrast, MEXC charges no commission on any of its currency pairs. Over 7 million users who can now access the platform internationally will appreciate the change.

Spot trading alone on the exchange has reached $1.6 billion per day as of this writing. Keep in mind that more than 1,500 different currency pairs can be traded on the MEXC spot market. The exchange appears to be exploring disruptive strategies in an effort to overtake market leaders such as FTX and Binance by providing more attractive deals and a wider selection of financial products.

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