How to Detect if Your iPhone is Being Tracked

How to Detect if Your iPhone is Being Tracked

Nobody wants to have their iPhone monitored, particularly if they aren’t aware of it. Because of this, rules governing technological privacy have been put in place to safeguard the private of the average person’s phone. Is it possible that your phone can still be tracked? Below, we’ll go over how to identify whether someone is monitoring your iPhones and how to stop them from doing it themselves.

How Could Anyone Track Your iPhone?

With the “Find My Friends” app, anyone could keep records of where your iPhone is. Here’s how they’d be able to do this:

  • Navigate to the Settings menu on the iPhone you want to keep an eye on.
  • After selecting their Apple ID, tap the iCloud button.
  • To activate this function, go to the Settings menu and select the Share My Location option.
  • Check that the From field is set to This Device before continuing.
  • click the Find My Friends app, then select the Add option from the menu.
  • After entering your email address associated with your Apple ID in the section labeled To, click the Send button.
  • Click the Send Indefinitely button.

iPhone Tracking App

Utilizing a phone spy software, also known as a tracking app or spyware, seems to be the most frequent approach to monitoring the activities as part of an iPhone belonging to another person. Because there are so many apps available, it could be difficult to determine which one is tracking your iPhones if this is being tracked by an app. After the iPhone tracking software has been installed on the target device, it may be difficult to locate since the majority of such programs are typically designed to be invisible.

Despite the fact that the iPhone tracking software and applications are designed just for legitimate use by parents and employers, there are nonetheless susceptible to abuse that can be used for illegal purposes. Your only option is to enlighten oneself on the warning indications that an iPhone has been tracked and the solutions that are available.

Warning Signs That Someone Is Tracking Your iPhone

If you are aware of the telltale symptoms of cell phone tracking, it will not be difficult for you to determine whether or not your iPhone is being followed by another person.

 An Increased Amount of Data Used

When an app or piece of software is used on a mobile device, data is consumed. 

It is possible that a tracking application is the cause of a significant increase in your monthly phone bill’s data use if you observe such an increase. 

It takes a significant amount of information to make use of this technology to retrieve the GPS location of someone’s iPhone as well as other information. 

Before you jump to this conclusion, you should first evaluate how much data you’re using on your phone.

A Fully Charged Battery Dissipates Its Power Rapidly

The usage of a monitoring program will, like the use of any other software or app for a phone, consume the battery life of the device. 

If, in the past, a full charge of your phone would allow it to last the entire day, but now it only allows it to last for half the day, something is likely wrong. 

There is a good chance that an application for monitoring or another application is secretly working in the background without your knowledge.

Updated Software for Your Mobile Device

The presence of a new application on your iPhone is an unmistakable indication that your location is being followed by another user. 

Someone else installed the program even though you didn’t do it yourself. 

Whenever you come across any new apps that you are unfamiliar with, make sure to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Phone Is Moving at a Sluggish Pace

Is your phone moving at a slower pace than it normally would? 

This happens frequently when an iPhone is working too hard because there are too many applications and web browsers open at the same time. 

This includes covert applications that are operating in the background on your iPhone in order to track it.

Unusual Behavior Is Being Exhibited By It

In addition to the foregoing, you should be on the lookout for other peculiar behaviors involving your iPhone. 

This includes the user being able to hear background noises while on a call as well as the phone freezing up or shutting off at random.

What Steps You Can Take

There is no reason to be afraid! 

There are a number of different approaches that may be taken to prevent someone from tracking your iPhone.

Turn off Location Sharing on Your iPhone

By turning off location services and sharing on your iPhones, you can quickly and easily put a halt to anyone from following it. 

To accomplish this, please proceed as described below:

  • You can access your Apple ID by going to Settings and clicking on it there.
  • To disable the function, tap on Share My Location, then toggle the button labeled Share My Location (no longer green).

Update Version Of iOS

Someone may frequently trace an iPhone by taking advantage of weaknesses in iOS. 

Maintaining frequent software updates for your iPhones is the best way to prevent something like this from occurring on your device.

Modify Your iCloud Account Password And Email Address

Depending on the method that is being used to track your iPhone, the person who is doing so may have accessed your device by using your iCloud information. 

Change your iCloud password to something completely strange and unintelligible in order to severe this connection.

Make Use Of An Antivirus Program

Antivirus software will be able to recognize potentially harmful software or applications and put them in a secure location if they are detected. 

Locate the application that best suits your needs and then install it on your iPhone. 

The antivirus software will look after everything else for you.

Reset Your iPhone to Factory Defaults

If you have exhausted all other options, you can wipe your iPhone clean of any foreign apps, software, or code by performing a factory reset on the device. 

On the other hand, it will also delete any of the other applications, contacts, photos, movies, and other data that you have stored on it.

This is how you can determine if someone is monitoring your iPhones in this way. 

If it turns out that someone is tracking your iPhones, you can stop them using any of the ways described above. We hope this isn’t the case.

Frequently Asked Questions Concerning the Location Tracking of iPhones

Can I get a notification if my iPhone’s location is being tracked by another person?

There is no way for you to be notified that someone is tracking your iPhones in any way. 

This covers situations in which the applications Find My iPhones and Find My Friends are being used.

Is it possible for someone to monitor my phone without my knowledge?

There is a possibility that someone, even individuals you know, could track your phone without your knowledge. Yes, this is possible. 

It is possible to track and monitor an iPhones without interfering with its performance by using spy software. This can be accomplished. 

Hackers also use a variety of additional approaches in order to get access to and detect iPhones.

How can you keep tabs on an iPhone belonging to a member of your family?

Using the apps Locate My iPhones and Locate My Friends, you can keep tabs over an iPhone that belongs to a member of your family. 

Additionally, via the Family Sharing function of the iPhones, a user has the option to switch on Share My Location and add additional close relatives toward whom their location is revealed.

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