FixedFloat’s optional registration and no KYC make trading easy

FixedFloat's optional registration and no KYC make trading easy.

FixedFloat has been a great help to the DeFi market. In addition to fast transaction processing, the digital exchange’s optional registration and KYC (Know Your Customer) features provide users with a smooth trading experience.

To rephrase, users are able to trade property without first establishing trust. Instead of using cash, a one-of-a-kind QR code is scanned to complete a purchase. The new technology was introduced to ease the tension that has long existed between the cryptocurrency sector, the regulator, and the exchanges that require Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures before creating an account.

While Know Your Customer (KYC) processes have their advantages for both the user and the service provider, they have also been a regular subject of contention. Some have speculated that in the worst of cases, customers would be put off by the need to verify their identities.

FixedFloat is different because, as the spokesman put it, “while making an account is quite easy, our benefit is that we do not compel our users to endure required registration on FreeFloat.” They need only visit our site to conduct an instantaneous trade. It’s fitting that the platform facilitates anyone’s entry into the cryptocurrency market while still protecting its users’ anonymity.

User information is kept safe, and past purchases can be seen at your convenience. Extremely low transaction costs are another bonus. FixedFloat’s exchange rate fees are the same, at $1, whether you choose a fixed or float rate. In addition, the instantaneous nature of settlements is guaranteed by the fully automated nature of the exchange.

However, users cannot keep their currencies in FixedFloat because it is not a custodial wallet. Nonetheless, this feature enables currency sending from hot wallets, thereby eliminating the need to pay expensive withdrawal fees for infrequent coin transfers.

The Concept of FixedFloat

FixedFloat is a digital exchange that was started by a group of blockchain enthusiasts. It provides instant confirmations for cryptocurrency trades without requiring users to undergo identity verification or other so-called Know Your Customer (KYC) processes.

Transactions are instead completed by scanning a one-time-use QR code. This means that anyone can create an account, make an investment, or trade cryptocurrencies without having their identities checked.

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