Google Cloud Will Integrate More Web3 Platforms

Google Cloud Will Integrate More Web3 Platforms

Web3. Thousands of developers have deployed their goods and financial instruments on BNB Chain, making it a popular network. Binance is making a strong statement about its status in the global crypto business with the introduction of new tools like Launchpad and the NFT marketplace. It’s a crypto exchange, yes, but it’s also a huge infrastructure that gives hundreds of up-and-coming platforms a fighting chance.

Increased potential for software architects

The BNB Chain platform, which is used by the crypto exchange, recently announced a partnership with Google Cloud to give deployed projects access to cutting-edge cloud infrastructure. As a result, existing projects will be able to shift without any disruption to the stronger web infrastructure supported by the might of Google Cloud solutions, and future web3 projects and blockchain companies will receive a significant boost.

Google Cloud has a great opportunity to enter the cryptocurrency business and position itself as the go-to place for new projects, given that more than 1300 distinct decentralized applications are either live on Binance’s Chain platform or are in development there.

Binance’s BNB Chain features a wide range of businesses developing innovative solutions across a variety of industries, from decentralized finance and the Metaverse to blockchain gaming and the minting of new digital assets. This time with the backing of a major cloud service provider.

To gain access to Google’s Startups Cloud Program, which offers web3 producers free GC credits and other advantages for up to 2 years, is a huge boon for any new projects. It’s a wise move by Google, considering the predicted influx of over 30,000 new developers from South America looking for new chances in the crypto business.

As the temperature rises, this place may get rather uncomfortable.

Once the experts have examined the Ethereum merger, we may expect to see additional major providers enter the market. Most of the time, Amazon WS will travel in the same direction as Google. This is fantastic news for blockchain advocates and the crypto community as a whole.

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