How to Buy Bitcoin using Cash and a Bitcoin Voucher

How to Buy Bitcoin using Cash and a Bitcoin Voucher.

Bitcoin vouchers are the quickest and most discreet way to acquire Bitcoin with cash.

Bitcoin vouchers, despite the ease of use and privacy they offer, have not been as successful as they may be in increasing the global adoption of bitcoin.

Read on to learn about bitcoin vouchers, how they work to purchase bitcoin with cash, and why they may contribute to bitcoin’s widespread acceptance. Bitcoin coupons make purchasing Bitcoins instantly accessible.

What are Bitcoin Gift Certificates Exactly?

Bitcoin vouchers are similar to gift cards in that they may be purchased with cash or a credit card and later exchanged for Bitcoin. Vouchers can “hold” anything from USD $10 to USD $250 in bitcoin.

Physical crypto vouchers are a creative way to buy bitcoin privately with cash, but digital vouchers are more convenient for everyday use.

Bitcoin is accessible to anybody with cash thanks to vouchers that can be purchased at convenience stores, supermarkets, gas stations, and newsstands.

To what extent are cash purchases possible?

Using a genuine bitcoin voucher to buy bitcoin is quick, easy, and anonymous.

The process is highly variable from one provider to the next, but often proceeds as follows:

  • Get yourself to a shop where you can buy Bitcoin vouchers.
  • A voucher can be purchased for the desired BTC value.
  • Now all you have to do to get your Bitcoins is enter the voucher code into the service provider’s website and link your cryptocurrency wallet (so that you can receive your coins). Just scan the LNURL QR code with your Lightning Network (LN) wallet, and your BTC will be sent to you instantly.

So, that’s how it all works. There isn’t much to it at all.

Bitcoin Vouchers and Their Importance to Widespread Adoption

Bitcoin vouchers issued by companies like Azteco, Coinfinity, and FastBitcoins can be purchased in a number of different countries throughout the world.

From a gas station in the Austrian Alps to a newstand in Warsaw to a kiosk in Johannesburg, Bitcoin coupons are popping up in more and more locations across the world.

Max Tertinegg, co-founder and CEO of Coinfinity, which sells Bitcoin (BTC) vouchers called “Bitcoinbon” in more than 4,000 locations around Austria, claims that this is the case.

To expose newcomers to bitcoin without making them create a wallet or register for an exchange, vouchers are a practical option. In addition to luring new clients, bitcoin vouchers can encourage existing ones to make purchases in person at a POS (point of sale). Since its release in 2015, Bitcoinbon has facilitated the easy and speedy acquisition of bitcoin by thousands of customers.

While BTC vouchers are useful for sending and receiving small amounts of bitcoin on the go in the Western hemisphere, their potential strength lies in their potential role in boosting bitcoin’s acceptability in developing countries.

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