How to Reset Airpods and Airpods Pro

How to Reset Airpods and Airpods Pro
If your AirPods won’t charge or have another problem, you may need to reset Airpod.
  • Close the charging case lid and insert the AirPods into the charging port.
  • Wait 30 seconds before moving on to the next step.
  • Remove the charging case cover.
  • In Settings Bluetooth, tap the information button next to the AirPods to learn more about them. 
    You can skip this step if your AirPods don’t appear in Bluetooth settings.)
  • Tap “Forget This Device” one more to make sure you want to do it.
  • In order to get the status light to flash from amber to white, press and hold down on the setup button for around 15 seconds while the lid is open.
  • Place the AirPods near your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch while the charging case lid is open. The device’s screen will show you how to do this.
How to Reset Airpods and Airpods Pro *An Apple ID can be linked to AirPods. They must first remove the AirPods from their Apple ID before they can use AirPods 3rd generation or AirPods Pro. *AirPod settings are also reset when restarting the device. You have the option of making further adjustments.
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