iPhone 14 Release Date, Price & Specs – Complete Guide

Apple's iPhone 14 Price, Specs, Release date and all the latest leaks

What we know about the rumored iPhone 14 so far

Apple has scheduled a massive September event, at which the iPhone 14 is expected to make its debut, for September 7. But with a week to go until the big arrival, we already have a good sense of what to expect owing to a steady drumbeat of iPhone 14 speculations.

The regular iPhone 14 should be pretty comparable to the iPhone 13, albeit we’re anticipating some upgraded features and specs over the existing variants. There will almost certainly be a larger 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Max (or iPhone 14 Plus) that is otherwise identical to the standard 6.1-inch iPhone 14.

The iPhone 14 Pro is speculated to feature a more extensive redesign, with the dreaded display notch being eliminated in favor of a new cutout design. An enhanced main 48MP camera and new A16 Bionic chip are also in the cards for the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, coupled with a possibly always-on display.

The most recent iPhone 14 rumors (Updated September 6)

  • Given that the iPhone 14 Pro could benefit from an always-on display, the battery improvement appears to be permanent.
  • The new notch design on the iPhone 14 Pro is a smart improvement, and it has the potential to be even more impressive than was suggested by the earliest rumors.
  • The functionality of the always-on display on the iPhone 14 Pro has just been leaked.
  • This is why our Phones Editor prefers the iPhone 14 Pro to the iPhone 14 Pro Max.
  • Have you been debating whether or not to purchase the new iPhone? In this regard, our iPhone 14 upgrade guide can be of assistance.

iPhone 14 release date and Price

Apple's iPhone 14 Price, Specs, Release date and all the latest leaks

No more guessing about when Apple will introduce the iPhone 14. We’ve speculated about what the September 7 Apple event named “Far Out” could signify for the iPhone 14 since the company announced the event.

On September 7, Bloomberg (opens in new tab) accurately predicted the launch of a new product line, and on September 16, they anticipate the devices hitting store shelves. Pre-orders for the new iPhone are rumored to start on September 9, just a few days after Apple’s announcement.

Price-wise, the iPhone 14 Pro models may go up by around $100, but they may also start with 256GB of storage rather than 128GB (this rumor has been contested by a more recent analyst report). That might mean that the iPhone 14 Pro would cost $1,099 and the iPhone 14 Pro Max would cost $1,199.

Can Apple really justify a $100 price increase for the iPhone 14 Pro? We’ve discussed what we expect Apple to do to make the iPhone 14 Pro worthwhile for the additional cost.

According to rumors, the new iPhone 14 Max will cost $899 while the basic iPhone 14 will remain at $799. This prediction is corroborated by a report from Twitter leaker Dohyun Kim(opens in new tab). Leaker yeux1122 claims that some models may even see a price drop, which would be a pleasant surprise.

The release of a new iPhone typically signals the end of support for older models, with the iPhone 13 mini appearing to be the most likely to be discontinued in favor of a newer model. So, we investigated which iPhone models would be phased out in preparation for the release of iPhone 14.

iPhone14 design

Apple's iPhone 14 Price, Specs, Release date and all the latest leaks

Since last year, shortly before the iPhone 13 launch, renders shared by leaker Jon Prosser have hinted at a design change for several iPhone 14 models.

Rumors suggest that the ordinary iPhone 14 will look similar to its predecessor, while the iPhone 14 Pro models will have a somewhat different design.

The display notches on the Pro variants are likely to be replaced by two different cutouts: one circular for the front camera and another, pill-shaped, for the Face ID sensors. However, it’s possible that we’ll find out we were wrong.

A new batch of rumored leaks suggests that the iPhone 14 Pro will have a single pill-shaped display cutout, with one tipster suggesting that the space between the two camera modules would include LEDs to tell you when your camera or microphone is on.

Apples iPhone 14 Price Specs Release date and all the latest leaks... 1 2022

The asymmetry of the two cuts never seemed like something Apple would go for, thus this would not only look better but also make a lot of sense from a design perspective. We welcome the supposed replacement for the notch.

Visit our discussion of the iPhone 14 notch for a more in-depth look at the upcoming revisions; in short, the basic model won’t be changing much, but the Pro phones will see a significant redesign. Apple has filed a new patent that details how the iPhone 14 Pro’s display could be made without a notch.

Apples iPhone 14 Price Specs Release date and all the latest leaks... 2 2022

That also suggests that none of the iPhone 14 devices will have Touch ID support. With iOS 15.4, Apple has modified it so Face ID can recognize a real user even when they are wearing a mask, so that won’t hurt as much as we thought it would. It’s incredibly effective, suggesting Apple has found a way to avoid using fingerprint-based authentication.

Some diagrams demonstrating the larger size of the iPhone 14 Pro variants with the elevated camera array. This is because, as noted by industry expert Ming-Chi Kuo, a 48MP camera requires a more substantial module. So yet, it doesn’t appear like the basic iPhone 14 will include a set of cameras that are flush with its rear panel.

Apples iPhone 14 Price Specs Release date and all the latest leaks 1 2022

An updated report allegedly reveals alleged leaked photos of the iPhone 14 Pro, potentially matching many of the design rumors that have circulated thus far. We also get a sneak peek at the possible iPhone color options for the upcoming generation.

Both the ordinary iPhone 14 and the larger iPhone 14 Max are expected to debut this year, while the Pro variants seem to have the most intriguing designs. The 6.7-inch screen size of this device is intended to satisfy demand for a larger-screen iPhone without the astronomical price tag of the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

However, not everyone agrees that this is a good move; in fact, one writer for Tom’s Guide is disappointed that Apple is discontinuing the iPhone small in favor of the iPhone XS Max. And despite the buzz, one editor suggests you consider passing on the iPhone XS Max in favor of a Pro model.

The iPhone 14 will reportedly feature USB-C connectivity, which has been rumored for quite some time. Nonetheless, it appears that the iPhone 14 series will continue to use the Lightning connector, with a USB-C iPhone not arriving until late 2023, perhaps with the iPhone 15.

It’s possible that the SIM tray won’t be present in the iPhone 14. It appears that Apple will offer incentives for customers to switch to eSIMs on their iPhones. Some iPhone 14 models reportedly still have SIM trays, but it appears Apple is planning to eliminate them totally beginning with the iPhone 15.

iPhone 14 Colors

Apples iPhone 14 Price Specs Release date and all the latest leaks 2 2022

One insider has speculated that in addition to the three existing colors—Midnight, Starlight, and Product RED—a lighter sky blue may be added.

According to a Chinese leaker, the next iPhone 14 Pro color will be a dark purple, joining the tried-and-true Graphite, Silver, and Gold Pro iPhone hues.

Apples iPhone 14 Price Specs Release date and all the latest leaks 3 2022

Another glimpse at the purple, as well as a new blue colour that is noticeably darker than previous tints used in past iPhones, were revealed in a leak purportedly showing off real-life photographs of an iPhone 14 Pro, or at least a dummy version of it.

Apples iPhone 14 Price Specs Release date and all the latest leaks 4 2022

While this is going on, cases for the iPhone 14 have been leaking in eight different colors. Even while these leaks don’t include official cases, the colors may still give us a hint as to Apple’s plans for the iPhone 14. Case manufacturers typically create designs that are meant to complement phones.

Speculations about the iPhone 14

Apple's iPhone 14 Price, Specs, Release date and all the latest leaks..

iPhone 14 display

Apples iPhone 14 Price Specs Release date and all the latest leaks 5 2022

The normal iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro are expected to use 6.1-inch displays, while the larger iPhone 14 Max/Plus and iPhone 14 Pro Max will each sport 6.7-inch displays. Unfortunately, this means the 5.4-inch iPhone mini is discontinued.

The iPhone 14 will reportedly have a 6.08-inch (rounded up to 6.1-inch) display, while the iPhone 14 Max will sport a 6.68-inch panel, according to a leak from Shadow Leak (rounded up to 6.7 inches). In other words, it’s identical to the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro Max. However, new bezels may make the Pro models to grow in size (to 6.12 inches and 6.69 inches, respectively).

Considering the 120Hz refresh rate display on the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max, it would be fantastic if all iPhone 14 models had the same screen, most likely with an LTPO panel or an extension of that display tech that could scale down to as little as 1Hz.

Because of Apple’s usage of panel technology, the iPhone 14 Pro may feature a permanent on screen display. According to industry insiders, the always-on display that has been speculated to be coming to future iPhones will arrive on the iPhone 14 Pro and will be used to display “weather, calendars, stocks, activities, and other data” on the lock screen at a low refresh rate to conserve battery life.

Such an ability would give the next generation of iPhones a distinct advantage over the top Android phones because it would allow for material to be displayed on the screen without having to wake the phone. And if what we know about the always-on display of the iPhone 14 Pro is correct (opens in new tab), it may simply dim, while the widgets take on a unique silhouetted, black-and-white outline form. In principle, this would allow you to bypass the lock screen entirely, just as if the phone were turned on.

Although there is code in the iOS 16 beta that appears to confirm an always-on display, the base iPhone 14 is still likely to use the lift-to-wake method instead. Instead, any always-on display feature is expected to work with the iPhone 14 Pro’s variable refresh rate.

Concept images of the iPhone 14 Pro with an always-on display were developed by graphic artist AR7(opens in new tab). Their layouts are inspired by rumors about the phone’s hardware and the iOS 16 beta, and they appear good to us.

The Phone 14 Pro’s always-on display has been leaked at the last minute. The always-on display appears to include the majority of the information typically found on the lock screen, and notifications appear to scroll up from the bottom and remain visible for 10 seconds.

It appears that users will be unable to select a different theme for their always-on display and standard lock screen, albeit there may be some leeway in the matter of design. MacRumors(opens in new tab) shared some conceptual images of the always-on display.

Apples iPhone 14 Price Specs Release date and all the latest leaks 6 2022

A 60Hz panel may remain in use if rumors from The Elec(opens in new tab) are to be believed for at least one iPhone 14 variant. Additional supply chain rumors have added credence to the possibility that the regular iPhone 14 will not feature a fast-refreshing screen.

However, recent rumors suggest that even the base iPhone 14 models will sport a 90Hz refresh rate display, which isn’t quite as fast as the 120Hz we’d want to see, but is still a significant upgrade over the current 60Hz panel. This dismal rumor of specs has been confirmed by a second source.

iPhone 14 cameras

Apples iPhone 14 Price Specs Release date and all the latest leaks 7 2022

According to a reliable Apple insider, non-Pro models of the iPhone 14 will not receive a significant camera update, and will instead continue to ship with 12MP cameras as they have in previous years. But if this is the truth, we may anticipate iOS 16 to include additional camera-centric features and improved software for the next-generation iPhone’s photography capabilities.

The front-facing camera on the iPhone 14 is expected to be improved, as reported by Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo.

The iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, however, are where we may anticipate the most significant camera upgrades. The main camera could soon be upgraded to 48 megapixels, allowing for greater detail capture and improved light management. This could mean that Apple is once again placing a premium on high-resolution images.

A new sensor with 1.4-micrometer pixels is said to be included in the iPhone 14 Pro’s ultrawide camera, which would be a significant improvement over the iPhone 13 Pro’s 1.0-micrometer pixels. Larger pixels improve the sensor’s performance in low-light conditions since more light can be captured by each pixel. Considering that the “Far Out” launch event on September 7 appears to have a space theme, it’s possible that Apple may highlight the new ultrawide camera’s excellent astrophotography and night-shooting capabilities.

Having said that, the most recent leak suggests the iPhone 14 Pro may have a surprising camera reduction, at least under certain settings. There is “a fair amount of noise” in low light, according to @LeaksApplePro(opens in new tab), which claims to have spoken to a source who has used the iPhone 14 Pro. Assume this with a grain of salt, though, because we doubt Apple would upgrade a camera without making significant improvements.

Our comprehensive roundup of the latest rumors and leaks pertaining to the iPhone 14 camera can be found here.

Technology and battery life of the iPhone 14

Apples iPhone 14 Price Specs Release date and all the latest leaks 8 2022

According to the available information, the iPhone 14 will reportedly continue to use the A15 Bionic chip, while the iPhone 14 Pro will reportedly receive a new A16 chip (something the iPhone 15 series may also do too).

Some leaked benchmarks may give us an idea of how much additional power the A16 could offer. However, we contend that the A15 Bionic is so potent that including it in the iPhone 14 will be a net positive, and that you shouldn’t write off the base iPhone 14 models because they may not receive a silicon upgrade.

Apples iPhone 14 Price Specs Release date and all the latest leaks 9 2022

The current iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini both have 4GB of RAM, however speculations suggest that all four iPhone 14 models will have 6GB of RAM. However, the Pro models are said to receive faster and more efficient LPDDR5 RAM, while the regular models employ LPDDR4X RAM like the current iPhone 13 range.

When it comes to internal memory, we anticipate that Apple will stick with the same range it introduced with the iPhone 13 series, which begins at 128GB and goes up to 1TB for the Pro versions.

GlobalDate analyst Emma Mohr-McClune speculates that in addition to the standard iPhone 14, Apple may release an eSIM-only edition. This would increase the iPhone’s marketability to corporate users and international travelers that require multi SIM functionality.

Mark Gurman has confirmed that the iPhone 14 Pro versions really do have longer battery lives. However, Gurman makes no mention of improved battery capacities for the standard iPhone 14 models, despite the fact that they could have a battery life improvement thanks to an increase in software and operation efficiency. Apple has previously stated that the battery capacities of the iPhone 14 family will increase other than the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

The iPhone 14 and 14 Max would continue to use 20W charging, but the iPhone 14 Pro would be upgraded to 30W.

Since we’ve been talking so much about iPhone batteries and charging, we’ve given a lot of thought to how long we expect the next generation of iPhones to last. Even though it’s only for the iPhone 14 Pro models, we’re hoping for a significantly longer battery life and significantly faster charging.

With Apple now in possession of Intel’s modem division, future iPhones will likely feature a 5G modem developed in-house by Apple. In theory, this would allow Apple to fine-tune the 5G experience and reduce its drain on the battery. However, we shouldn’t expect that until the iPhone 15 next year; for now, we’re looking at Qualcomm’s X65 modem as the iPhone 14’s way of connecting to 5G and LTE networks.

While we’re on the topic of networks, an old rumor about the iPhone 13 has surfaced: that it will get the capacity to connect to satellite networks, allowing users to send text messages to emergency services even when cellular networks are down. Although it didn’t make it into the iPhone 13, rumors suggest that Apple will add satellite connectivity to the iPhone 14 models in an effort to improve the device’s emergency capabilities. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the only thing preventing Apple from implementing satellite tracking in the iPhone 14 is a partnership with a satellite operator.

More information, including specifications for all four iPhone 14 versions, can be seen in our comprehensive preview.

iPhone 14 Max replaces 14 mini

Apples iPhone 14 Price Specs Release date and all the latest leaks 10 2022

Everything points to the iPhone mini being discontinued in favor of a larger 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Max/Plus, therefore the iPhone mini’s days appear to be numbered.

Apple’s iPhone 12 small and iPhone 13 mini were not massive hits with consumers, who instead opted for larger-screened models.

However, if you prefer a more compact handset, we’ve compiled a list of the top alternatives to the iPhone 14 mini, with the iPhone SE 2022 coming out on top.

Even if the iPhone 14 Pro versions are getting some exciting new features, we can’t overlook the iPhone 14 Max. There’s a good chance that the iPhone 14 Max will be the most anticipated Apple device of the year and the one to beat come the fall, thanks to its larger screen and lower price.

Display analyst Ross Young, however, predicts that Apple’s iPhone 14 Max will be the model with the lowest production volume. This prediction is based on estimates of display shipments. Therefore, Cupertino may decide to gauge consumer interest in a large-screened iPhone that isn’t part of the iPhone Pro line.

We’ve compared the iPhone 14 to the larger iPhone 14 Max to see how they stack up against one another.

The iPhone 14 Max could be unveiled with a different moniker. The packaging for a leaked iPhone case appears to confirm what leaker Lanzuk said: that Apple’s 6.7-inch entry-level phone will be called the iPhone 14 Plus. In comparison to the iPhone 14, the most notable difference is likely to be the elimination of the iPhone 13 mini. Check out our iPhone 14 vs. iPhone 13 comparison to learn about the most widely speculated changes.

iPhone 14 outlook

Apples iPhone 14 Price Specs Release date and all the latest leaks. 1 2022

Despite the fact that we’re still dealing with rumors and purported leaks before Apple’s event on September 7th, we already have a very clear notion of what to expect from the iPhone 14 lineup.

The basic and Pro models will both be improvements over their predecessors, but you should expect the most significant changes to be made to the Pro version of the iPhone 14 (for a preview, compare the iPhone 14 Pro Max to the iPhone 13 Pro Max).

However, the ordinary iPhone 14 models shouldn’t be overlooked, as they are still likely to provide a superb iOS experience due to the durability of Apple’s hardware.

If you want our honest opinion, you should hold off on buying an iPhone 13 until next week, when Apple is expected to announce its newest model. It’s conceivable that Apple will release a new line of iPhones that will compete with the finest phones on our list.

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