Report of LBank Listings for the Week Ending August 29, 2022

Report of LBank Listings for the Week Ending August 29, 2022

DUBAI’S INTERNET CITY, August 29th, 2022 – LBank, as a top-tier digital asset trading platform, remains committed to its mission of offering high-quality projects to its customer base. Here is LBank Exchange’s weekly report, highlighting this week’s exciting new listings and providing a review of last week’s listings to give users more context for these exceptional opportunities.

LBank Stock Exchange Welcomes New Listings

Set to begin this coming Monday, August 29.

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Title of Initiative: NUTSPAY
Date of listing: August 29th
Pancake listing; BSC; keywords
This is the official Nuts Pay website:
About 80% of Cambodia’s population is unbanked and unable to save or invest, but that won’t stop them from taking advantage of NutsPay, the new financial system that is transforming and supporting the cashew nut market in Cambodia. Fortunately, this problem can be fixed with NutsPay.

ISLAMI – A Proposed Project
On August 29th, the stock market will open.
Public, DigiFinex, CoinTiger, and Polygon Listed are some relevant keywords.
To Visit the Official Website, Please Click Here:
Along with media, commercial, financial, entertainment, and humanitarian endeavors, ISLAMICOIN is the largest Islamic technology project to leverage blockchain technology. The overarching goal of the project is to create a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that adheres to Islamic Sharia in its content and transactions, and an Islamic blockchain that aids in the financial independence of individuals, businesses, and charitable organizations in the global Islamic community. As a halal cryptocurrency, ISLAMICOIN is essential to expanding this initiative internationally. After its successful introduction on the Polygon network, ISLAMICOIN will be moved to the ISLAMIBLOCKCHAIN network, which is currently under development and will employ the most recent and secure blockchain technologies.

Mission: NUGEN
Date of Listing: August 31st
Utilities, Newly listed, and BSC are some of the keywords to keep in mind
This is the official Nuts Pay website:
NUGEN is an all-encompassing platform with the goal of encouraging the widespread use of cryptocurrencies so as to take advantage of the benefits offered by DeFi, crypto, NFT, and the Metaverse. The platform’s myriad features—NUGEN Coin, cryptocurrency exchange, NFT marketplace, Metaverse, automated teller machines, banks, etc.—make it possible for users to achieve full financial independence. The ultimate destination for web3 fans!

Construction of the GYMNET
First day of listing is September 1.
Keywords: Define, First-time Listing, Basic Securities Classification
Visit the Gym Network’s Official Site at
The GYM Network (GYMNET) is a DeFi Aggregator Investment System that offers users competitive returns and generous incentives. As a result, you can get to what you need quickly and efficiently.

The LYNK Project
As of the 2nd of September, the listing is up.
Networked Financial Transaction, Distributed Financial Infrastructure, Exchange, Wallet, Marketplace, UniSwap Listing, ERC20
Web Address: (Official)
Using smart contracts and the blockchain, LynKey is an ecosystem that facilitates the purchase of timeshares and NFTs for high-end vacations throughout the world. More and more people from all walks of life—tourists, business travelers, travel agencies, tour operators, hotel chains, and property buyers—are warming up to this revolutionary plan. Resorts, hotels, marinas, and other high-end pieces of real estate for vacationing are being broken up into smaller and smaller pieces and stored as digital assets.

An Overview of Listings during the Week of August 22nd to August 28th, 2022

Initials: KENT
This week’s gain: 11320%
Kinetic Network’s Offical Website Is At:
Go to this link to make a deal:

Initials: BION
Gain for the week of 93400%
Visit for the Official Site.
Visit to make some deals.

Title: IBAT
Gain for the week: 90%
To visit the official website, please go here:
Come make some deals:

Officially Known As: 3ULL
Gain of 4% this week
Visit the Official Site at Playa3ull.Games!
In order to engage in Forex trading, please visit

Code Name:
Click here to make some deals:

Authorization Code: DC
875% in one week’s profit
The Canine Official Dogechain Website is Located at:
Click here to make a trade:

LUNAT Is the Name of This Planet
Average weekly gain of 6%
URL to the Main Page:
Check out for a place to do some deals.


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