Michael Saylor Labels Bitcoin as the Most Important Technology in the World

Michael Saylor Labels Bitcoin as the Most Important Technology in the World

The cryptocurrency industry as a whole is in a state of confusion right now, but Bitcoin is at the forefront of this storm as the flagship cryptocurrency, and things are in the worst possible shape.

Despite analysts’ repeated predictions that the market would turn bullish and the corrections would end in recent weeks, neither event has occurred.

An Optimistic View of Bitcoin from Michael Saylor

Even if the rest of the world and the institutional investors seem to have turned very pessimistic on the cryptocurrency and want nothing to do with it, former MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor is still a Bitcoin maximalist.

Saylor claims that the creation of the lightning network for Bitcoin is the most fascinating event taking place right now.

When the blockchain becomes congested and there are too many demands for the validation of transactions, the lightning network is designed to aid Bitcoin through these difficult times by making room for more users.

Incorporating the lighting network into Bitcoin would improve its scalability and security, making the crypto network available to a far larger audience.

Saylor has said that it is the most incredible technology now under development, and that if finished and applied, it will make Bitcoin the strongest potential cryptocurrency to have ever emerged and allow developers create stronger and quicker DApps on the blockchain’s trough.

Currently, with the foundation of Bitcoin’s blockchain technology, the cryptocurrency is moving cautiously, trying to take into account the consensus from all over the world before initiating a particular pact or service. However, with a lightning network, developers would be able to walk at a pace that is suitable to them, and would be able to develop apps and technologies at a much faster rate.

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