New Cryptocurrency-Based Entertainment Company Announced by Crypto Pioneer Jeff Garzik

New Cryptocurrency-Based Entertainment Company Announced by Crypto Pioneer Jeff Garzik

One of the most influential figures in the history of cryptocurrency, Jeff Garzik, has launched a new venture he is calling Next Cypher Productions, or NxC. He claims the organization will be a standalone media outlet dedicated to producing speculative fiction using web 3.0, cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and blockchain technology.

Incorporating Cryptocurrency into His Work, Jeff Garzik Combines Entertainment and Security

According to an interview with Garzik:

NxC is more than a production firm; it’s an institution. The people and projects it engages with shape its character as a committed group of individuals. We believe that science fiction and fantasy fans should be able to do more than just watch or read about the worlds we create; they should be able to actively take part in these stories and characters in ways that were previously unimaginable. NxC promises to prioritize the interests of its fans above all else as it regularly delivers high-quality programming.

Garzik has kicked things off by declaring the first two television projects his company will produce. The first is titled “Deathlands” and is an hour-long action drama adapted from a best-selling book series. Producer Mark A. Altman, who has also contributed to shows including “Agent X,” “Pandora,” and “The Librarians,” is behind this.

Moving on in the conversation, Garzik elaborated on the nature of the show:

Deathlands is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi epic in the vein of “Mad Max: Fury Road” and “Yellowjackets.” The world of ‘Deathlands’ is one where violence, destruction, and death are commonplace. The world has been flipped on its head, and only the most intelligent, resourceful, and strong will survive in the hopes of constructing a new, more equitable society.

Looking Glass, an original series concept conceived by Garzik, will be the second. He said it was a “new sci-fi action/adventure series in which a young woman whose memory was erased goes on a quest to discover her [true] identity as a grid runner who must save the outcasts of society from a deadly conspiracy that threatens to destroy the future,” calling it “exciting” and “thought provoking.”

What Timeframe Can We Expect This?

First published by NxC’s Next Cypher Words + Art imprint, “Looking Glass” was a graphic novel. In July of 2016, during the San Diego Comic-Con, the publisher announced the first issue would be available that fall.

Early in 2023, filming on “Deathlands” will begin. The European nation of Bulgaria will serve as the set location. Filming on “Looking Glass” is scheduled to begin later next year, though a location has yet to be revealed. Aside from that, the corporation has told its audience to stay tuned for news about its future film and TV projects.

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