The Largest NFT MMORPG in 2022 Legends of Bezogia launches globally – Bitcoin News

The Largest NFT MMORPG in 2022 Legends of Bezogia launches globally - Bitcoin News.

In August 30th, The Legends of Bezogia Beta is now available worldwide on the official Zogi Labs Ltd. website for players interested in trying out a new kind of NFT crypto-based MMORPG. The Legends of Bezogia raises the bar for crypto games with cutting-edge visuals, a robust plot, a large cast of memorable characters (both good and bad), and a vast, explorable universe. Bezogi is the first NFT crypto-based enormous open-world game in which players can rent, own, and sell their own NFT Bezogi avatars and equip them with NFT weapons.

After a year of hard labor, dedication, and creative enthusiasm, we are overjoyed to unveil The Legends of Bezogia Beta to an unprecedented number of enthusiastic players. The game’s developers hope to revolutionize the $NFT crypto gaming market by providing gamers with a fresh 2022 take on the genre. The Legends of Bezogia is a large open world with a gripping plot, action-packed combat, and advanced game mechanics. Gone are the days when crypto games looked like a Gameboy classic from the ’90s. With the launching of the Beta, we’ve invited players to dive into a brand-new universe of crypto gaming, complete with play-to-earn and play-for-fun elements that will revolutionize the current state of NFT games. Leader of Zogi Labs Ltd., Steve Murray.

Request a Participation Token.

On the first day of the beta launch, the first one thousand players that join up, get accepted as a tester, and play the game will get an attendance token. This token is one-of-a-kind and can never be repurchased, allowing players to save a small piece of their The Legends of Bezogia Beta experience forever.

The Largest NFT MMORPG in 2022 Legends of Bezogia launches globally - Bitcoin News.

A Preview of What to Anticipate

There’s a ton of content in the Legends of Bezogia Beta, and players can sign up and start exploring the largest open-world meme metaverse available right now. The following are some things players can anticipate encountering when playing the game.

  • Huge explorable areas – As befits a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, the game’s environments are expansive and beautiful. Don’t venture into Bezogia unprepared; it’s a wild place!
  • The Legends of Bezogia’s rarity system enables players to gain access to a plethora of rare and aesthetically distinct weaponry. In the Beta, players will be able to test them out against the difficult foes that inhabit Bezogia.
  • Bezogia is teeming with formidable foes who are just ready to be trampled by the stomping feet of the Bezogi warrior. Just bust in there by yourself or round up a few friends and start breaking some skulls!
  • There are quests in the Beta that provide as an easy entry point into the world of Bezogia. The action begins immediately, allowing players to go to work.
  • Exciting combat – In the Beta, players can dive right into the action by crafting weapons throughout the tutorial objectives. Create a sword and use it to kill a Trollface that has set up camp near the beginning zone.
  • Bezogia, a region of the metaverse, is rife with crypto-based memes like the Green Candle and the Whalon Musk, which are both funny. The Legends of Bezogia is the first cryptocurrency video game aimed squarely at players who aren’t already familiar with the subject matter.

Players are urged to provide suggestions for improving the Beta if they find any issues. The release is currently in its Beta phase, during which the team will make hotfixes to enhance the player experience and fine-tune in-game systems prior to the complete game’s release in the first quarter of 2023.

To join the Beta today, visit

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