iPhone 14 Series Features Upgraded HDR Gyroscope, 256G Accelerometer For Crash Detection

IPhone 14 Series Features Upgraded HDR Gyroscope, 256G Accelerometer For Crash Detection

Wednesday’s launch of the iPhone 14 series at Apple’s ‘Far Out’ event featured a number of features designed to save users’ lives, including the company’s much-touted emergency satellite services. The new Crash Detection system is another addition that has been largely overlooked. Additionally, it has been reported that all iPhone 14 models will include improved hardware such as an HDR gyroscope and a new high gforce accelerometer. Apple says it used public crash data and real-world driving data to make this new feature as reliable as possible.

The new high gforce accelerometer in the iPhone 14 series is rumored to be capable of measuring accelerations and decelerations up to 256G and is included in the base model iPhone 14, the Plus model iPhone 14, the Pro model iPhone 14, and the Pro Max model iPhone 14.

In addition to the HDR gyroscope’s ability to detect “drastic changes in a car’s orientation,” the barometer in iPhone 14 series devices is calibrated to detect pressure changes that could have been caused by the deployment of airbags.

Apparently, the new iPhone 14 series can monitor your surroundings for loud noises, like those caused by an accident, using its microphone while you’re behind the wheel. Apple has assured customers that their privacy will be respected throughout the sound detection process because it is handled entirely within the iPhone itself.

Apple “developed advanced motion algorithms by performing head-on, rear-end, side-impact and rollover crash tests,” and the company has also used publicly available crash data to perfect the Crash Detection feature. More than a million hours of actual driving experience went into developing this feature.

The iPhone 14 series, thanks to their new algorithms and hardware components, can now detect more serious car accidents. After that, it will automatically notify the authorities and anyone else you’ve designated to be contacted in an emergency.

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