About us

Our lives are shaped by our mobile devices. There is so much of our lives that happens on our phones, from navigating the world to managing our relationships, to discovering new opportunities ahead of us to discovering the next meme.

At alltechcraft, we believe that technology has the capacity to transform the world for the better. We love the thrill of the hunt for new inventions, the analysis of what really matters, the discovery of undiscovered treasures, and, most importantly, the revelation of the truth for our readers.

Mobile technology can be both exciting and liberating, and that’s why we’re here to help people discover it.

Alltechcraft was founded over 20 years ago out of a love for technology and the notion that it can help us lead better lives. ” After two decades, technology has already met and surpassed many of our most ambitious hopes and aspirations in the field. Every step of the way, alltechcraft was there to predict, evaluate, and enjoy.



With a readership of more than 5 million monthly readers in the United States, alltechcraft is one of the biggest mobile technology publishers. More than two-dozen seasoned writers make up our staff. In order to engage with our community of curious, savvy, and tech-obsessed readers, we put our hearts into delivering quick news coverage, extensive reviews, experts’ opinion, informative films, a vast database, and handy tools.