StackinSat’s founder claims that pro-blockchain propaganda works to slow the spread of bitcoin

StackinSat's founder claims that pro-blockchain propaganda works to slow the spread of bitcoin

The founder of StackinSat claims that Bitcoin adoption is slowed by pro-blockchain narratives. He cited this misconception as a major roadblock to widespread Bitcoin use in France.

Founder of the StackinSat Bitcoin exchange and Surfin’ Bitcoin 2022 event organizer Josselin Tonnellier thinks this is a major barrier to BTC’s widespread adoption in France. To what end, according to the creator of StackinSat, do pro-blockchain narratives limit Bitcoin’s spread?

Tonnellier discussed the growth of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in France, the conference’s beginnings and goals, and how attendees overcame difficulties during the bad market.

The CEO claims that a major concern in France is the negative portrayal of Bitcoin in the pro-blockchain narrative. What he said was as follows:

Blockchain has been praised for a long time. There is nothing good about Bitcoin. People expect us to be able to explain what Bitcoin is, therefore we aim to make material featuring renowned Bitcoiners.

The CEO explained that the goal of the event was to provide a casual setting in which members of the Bitcoin ecosystem may meet and form partnerships through surfing. As Tonnellier explained it:

“We wanted to establish a venue to gather people in very pleasant circumstances around the end of August so that people can enjoy the beach and feel like we are on holidays talking about Bitcoin,” the organizers explained. “We want to be very mellow and casual, so you don’t see many suits with a bow tie.”

There have been many Web3 and nonfungible token (NFT) events, but not many Bitcoin events, according to the event organizer. He continued by saying that it was this idea that motivated their group to set up the gathering.

Besides that, Hall questioned Tonnellier on the difficulties they’re facing in event preparation in light of the current market situation. The organizer acknowledged a number of challenges, such as those associated with setting a budget for the event. In his words:

Because of this, fewer sponsorship options are available, and especially in down areas, marketing budgets must be cut significantly.

Tonnellier claimed that, despite obstacles, they were able to gather attendees and hold the event. He remarked on how encouraging it was for his group to have guests from countries other than France.

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