The Canadian Taco Franchise Uses NFTs In Its Customer Loyalty Initiative

The Canadian Taco Franchise Uses NFTs In Its Customer Loyalty Initiative

A Canadian taco chain with 19 locations throughout the country is considering capitalizing on its growing customer base in order to expand into the United States. Taco’s Tenacious Tacos NFT collection provides holders with access to tangible and Web3-based benefits. Furthermore, those who so want can stake NFTs for further digital incentives.

Consumers can exchange their staked Tenacious Tacos for prizes including monthly spending in WETH/ETH or the chance to win free meals for life, according to the official announcement. The Landry restaurant chain, which includes the Rainforest Café and Buba Gump Shrimp Factory, previously experimented with a Bitcoin customer reward program. But in that case, customers may get Bitcoin-based incentives, such as $25 in BTC for every $250 spent at any of the chain’s locations.

StrEAT is an approach that simultaneously adds value to both traditional loyalty projects and the various applications of non-fungible tokens. The ever-expanding NFT franchise in Canada is adding new features and benefits. The restaurant chain is expanding the ways in which NFTs can be used. StrEATS’s plan is to implement a non-transferable token system for their own loyalty program.

Growth in StrEATS Is Surging Despite COVID-19

Joe Klassen, CEO of Joeys Group of Restaurants and inventor of Tenacious Tacos, discussed the importance of the neighborhood. According to him, the purpose of each initiative is to get closer to the locals while also giving them a chance to share in their achievement. To give you an idea of the real value of the NFT-based benefits of the loyalty program, consider a 20% discount at all StrEATS locations, a say in the creation of the exclusive menu, and special access to events.

The popular taco and burrito business Chipotle will accept cryptocurrency payments at roughly 3,000 sites across the United States beginning in June 2022. The chain also announced a cryptocurrency giveaway via digital game for its customers the previous month.

StrEATS has showed extraordinary performance and has maintained its prominent status to date despite the COVID-19 pandemic in past years due to careful management. In 2021, it generated $6 million in revenue and saw its brand grow by as much as 75%.

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