US Department of the Treasury blacklisted five cryptocurrency addresses associated with a Russian neo-Nazi organization

US Department of the Treasury blacklisted five cryptocurrency addresses associated with a Russian neo-Nazi organization

The Office of Foreign Asset Control sanctioned a group of organizations that included five cryptocurrency addresses linked to a neo-Nazi group supporting the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

U.S. Treasury Targets Five Cryptocurrency Addresses Linked to Neo-Nazi Organization in Russia

The United States Treasury announced on Thursday that it had added twenty-two entities and two individuals—including several that it claimed had helped advance the targets of the Russian authorities in Ukraine—to its series of Specially Designated Nationals, effectively prohibiting U.S. firms and individuals from conducting any business with them.

Two Bitcoin (BTC) addresses, two Ethereum (ETH) addresses, and one Tether (USDT) address were all included in the sanctions against the same company, Task Force Rusich (a paramilitary group of neo-Nazi type) (USDT).

According to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, the sanctions were enacted to “isolate Vladimir Putin (the President of Russia) financially and prevent Russia from sponsoring the military thereof” and “ensure that Russia is held accountable for its role in the commission of war crimes, aggression, and other atrocities.”

An Eastern Sector of Kharkiv Is Retaken by Ukraine

The Ukrainian armed forces retook eastern Kharkiv on Monday. For a number of months, the Russian army had held sway over this region. Considering that mercenaries had been allegedly committing atrocities and arresting Ukrainian soldiers near the recently retrieved zone in 2015, the U.S. Treasury Department claims that Task Force Rusich fought alongside Russian forces in Ukraine.

This transpired during the Donbas conflict that involved the two counties. According to the department’s findings, the neo-Nazi organization was complicit in activities that harmed U.S. and allied territory, political stability, security, and peace for the benefit of the Russian government.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine started in February of this year. The U.S. government and some European leaders responded by imposing sanctions meant to damage the Russian economy and penalize the country’s affluent.

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