What the Recent Accumulation Boost in USDC and USDT Could Mean

What the Recent Accumulation Boost in USDC and USDT Could Mean

The quantity of USD Coin (USDC) and Tether (USDT) has skyrocketed recent since May 2022. According to the current edition of Bank of America’s Global Crypto & Digital Assets report from July, the recent increase in cryptocurrency exchange outflows and the growth in stablecoin inflows reflect a bullish market strength.

A New Development

Under those conditions, USD Coin and Tether, two of the most prominent stablecoins, experienced a massive accumulation rise from a market leader. A stablecoin organization with 100,000 to 1,000,000 tokens (sharks) has validated the recent flurry of buying activity. As an example, Bitcoin’s price saw a spike at the same time. Nonetheless, a chart revealed that bulls were reluctant to scoop more. Santiment drew parallels between the two circumstances, saying that the buildup showed skepticism toward the most recent rally and a hesitation to buy. This was called the “Wall of Worry.” That proves the aforementioned whale wanted to ride out the storm by buying the dip in safety.


An uptick in interest in stable coins triggered the flagship’s representatives into action. Example: despite some problems, Tether has reportedly resumed minting commitments, as reported by WhaleAlert. The 3rd of August saw the mining of another billion USDT for Tether. A total of $66.41 billion was reached. However, that factored into its ability to keep its value at $1 for the time being.

Also, from the beginning of this year, Circle’s stablecoin has maintained impressive narratives. According to data provided by Dune Analytics, USDC holds a 52.4% share of the stablecoin market in terms of transfer volume over the past 30 days. Twenty-five percent is Tether’s share.

At this point, the increased popularity of stablecoins would be interpreted by the general public as a sign that investors are hesitant to buy Bitcoin. Chief Executive Officer Changpeng Zhao of Binance, however, does not appear to agree with such views. As more stablecoins become available, he thinks the cryptocurrency market will improve (long-term).

Recently, there hasn’t been much price movement in the cryptocurrency market, with most assets remaining at the same levels as they were a few days ago. Bitcoin, for one, has recovered from yesterday’s drop and is once again above the $23,000 threshold. At the time this was written, the price of a single Bitcoin was $23,148.36, up 0.29 percent over the previous day. The token is unlikely to reach new heights, and experts see difficult times ahead before it can break its current downward trend. In addition, purchasers should back the market’s uptrends with heavy volume if they want the rally to last.

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