Zetly is developing a game-changing, all-in-one sports platform that will revolutionize the fan engagement industry.

Zetly is developing a game-changing, all-in-one sports platform that will revolutionize the fan engagement industry.

The Polish-Estonian company Zetly OÜ is developing a platform that will revolutionize sports club fan engagement. By issuing their own token currency, clubs and federations can generate new streams of revenue. The product also develops community-focused business strategies. Zetly is placing its bets on education in order to become the market leader, with the development of the Zetly Academy aimed at educating teams, leagues, and athletes.

The Present State of Sports Organizations

Zetly has unveiled the first component of their All-in-One-Platform, dubbed the “Sport Module,” to address the issue of convoluted communication. It’s for sports teams and their supporters. With this tech, teams and federations can take fan participation to the next level by issuing their own cryptocurrency. As an added bonus, Zetly is aware of the issue of poor internal and external communications within sports clubs.

Zetly’s Sport HUB provides a content management system (CMS) for launching apps that can manage communication with all stakeholders and fans. Sport HUB’s primary feature will be a launching pad for developing digital NFT collections, and it will also be fully integrated with the worldwide Zetly Platform. An online sports memorabilia marketplace is currently under construction to facilitate trades between virtual items.

The Truth About Virtual Items as Collections

Talking about Markets, the NFT ones in the blockchain space have seen tremendous growth over the past month. In fewer than 2 years, OpenSea has more than doubled its workforce. To create and sell NFT tokens in the sports industry, however, there is currently no quality solution that provides a user-friendly infrastructure. The Zetlyt NFT Creator has finally emerged from his cave.

Michal Glijer, CEO and Co-founder of Zetly, says, “Thanks to this module, platform users will be able to create and sell digital NFT content from one Platform.”

Involving the community through P2E solutions

Some sports governing bodies are issuing simple P2E mobile games that fans really enjoy as a way to get more people involved in the community. It is crucial to provide a means of learning more about the fervor of fans. The issue is that there is currently no organization that can assist clubs, federations, or leagues in navigating the blockchain and P2E space in order to better engage their respective fan bases. Zetly offers 12 Player and Away Games in addition to Play to Earn solutions, filling a void in the market. Fans can learn more about the sport both online and in person with the help of Away Games’ solutions. Aside from learning about the club’s history, fans can learn about the key players who helped build this team. Those who choose to travel with their club for games are not limited in any way. Utilized game-based approaches to strengthen ties to each club’s membership.

Closest Possible Time

The Zetly team has recently signed numerous partnerships with businesses in the fields of sports, technology, law, and finance. In order to achieve their goals, they are currently making preparations to list on CEX and issue tokens on several prominent Launchpads.


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